****BEST VALUE****

*FULL DETAIL Includes both Inside and Outside Detail Packages Plus Light Engine Clean

*Hand Wash and Dry

*Clean Rims, Tires, and Fender Wells

*Light Cleaning of Engine and Condition Engine Hoses


Engine cleaning can cause water damage and electrical failure to engine. You can request NOT to have your engine cleaned. We take all precautions to prevent this by covering all electrical connections before cleaning. These areas will be lightly brushed to remove any excess dirt and then sprayed with dressing.

*Apply polish to remove oxidation (haziness) and light scratches

*Apply Wax to seal and protect paint

*Clean and shine all chrome

*Condition all rubber moulding

*Condition tires

*Paint fender wells

*Clean seats, carpets, trunk, and floor mats using a antibacterial cleaner

*Clean and Condition all Interior including Leather Seats, Door Panels, Dash, Console, Cup Holders, Ashtrays, Air Vents, and Compartments

*Blow out all cracks and crevices including under and in between seats

*Clean all door and trunk jams

*Clean all windows and mirrors

Time: Allow Approx. 1-2 Days

$150 Autos, $175 Trucks, Vans, and Large SUVís

All vehicles will be subject to an owner witnessed and signed inspection to document any damage prior to service being provided. Before and after photos of any damage will be taken by us before service is provided. Photos become the property of Attention2Detailz once taken.

*EXTRA CHARGES WILL BE APPLIED TO THE FOLLOWING: -Raised Vehicles -Work Trucks such as Construction Vehicles -Mud Riding -Dog Hair -Anything above Normal Wear, severe upholstery stains or carpet stains. Any additional charges will be discussed and agreed upon prior to any service being provided. There are no surprises here!